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Monday, November 21, 2011

My Daughter- Several Times-Reincarnation

My Daughter- Several Times

A year ago I visited a medium for the first time. I have always had a very close relationship with my youngest daughter. She has been like my shadow, always clinging to me and wanting to know where I am. I in turn feel very protective of her, even more so than for my other children. When I visited the psychic she immediately asked me about my daughter. This is what the psychic said: that we have had at least two previous lives in which she has been my daughter.

During the first of those lifetimes, my current daughter was born to me but was drowned while a toddler in a river that ran through the property. My daughter is petrified of canals. I could never explain her behavior. I could not drive on a road that had a canal along side of it because she would have a panic attack.

During my second lifetime with her, her current father was also her father. The psychic described my husband to a "T" -- his personality, jealous and controlling. She said that during a jealous argument he shot me with a pistol under my chin, and my daughter witnessed the killing. I have a birthmark under the left side of my chin. I am petrified of guns. I panic if one is pointed at a person, even if it is not loaded

She said that since these two incidents happened to both of us during past lives, now during our third and present life time we are afraid to be separated from one another for fear of losing each other again.

During this present life time I married the same man (her biological father) who had been my husband in the past life when he killed me. We went through a bad divorce and I worried during our divorce proceedings that he was going to kill me.

At that time I still had not visited the psychic. When the psychic pointed out all this to me, I remembered an incident with my daughter in this lifetime. When she was four years old, I had a bad argument with her dad, and the three of us took a drive to calm me down so I could confront him. As we were driving to his business, my daughter asked, "Where are we going, Mommy?" And I said, "To Daddy's office."

At that, she went out of control in the car and started shouting and crying. "No, Mom...he is going to kill you again!" I turned and asked her, "What?" And she looked at me with terror in her eyes and said, "He is going to kill you again." I was taken aback by her remark and, in order to calm her down, did not go to his office. Now I realize she was reliving that fear from another life.

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