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Monday, November 28, 2011

My Granddaughter's Former Life

When my granddaughter was six she liked to tell her mother, "Mommy, you're beautiful." He would tease her father, who is several years older than her mother, and say, "Daddy, you're old!" Then he would giggle. It was at a time when she was expressing certain concepts she was growing to understand, such as age and relationships. She would say things to me like, "You're my grandmother. You're my mom's mother." For whatever reason, she felt the need to state these understandings out loud and directly to us.One day she was staying with me and she told me, "Grandma, you're old!" I agreed with her immediately, because I knew that to her I was "old" even though I was in my early fifties and quite fit. Then she paused and became very serious. In an entirely different tone and attitude she looked at me and said, "I used to be an old man. Then I was a baby, and now I'm a girl."She was thoughtful when she made that comment, serious rather than joking, as though she was remembering something right then and feeling the memory. It was stated very casually. Prior to that, she had just been poking fun at me. But when she said she had been an old woman, then a baby, and now a girl, she said it in a matter-of-fact way, like she was giving me real information, and also telling me, "I used to be like you."Then, like children will, she turned away and began to play with some toy, offering no more information about the time she was an old woman. Perhaps it was only a fleeting memory and there was no more information to be had. She forgot all about her comment, but I never have.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I Was My Own Aunt

My mother had two kids before I was born, one daughter and a son. For many years, she wanted one more child but the doctors told her it wouldn't be possible. She had told my dad's sister, who was living with the family, just how badly she had wanted one more child.

Anyway, my Aunt passed away in November, 1971. My mother soon got pregnant with me. I was born in March, 1973. When I was around three years old, in 1976, we took a short cut through the cemetery that was right behind our house. We were approaching my Aunt's tombstone when I suddenly blurted out, "There is where I sleep," pointing in the direction of my Aunt's grave. That totally freaked everyone out. As we approached closer, I pointed again, "There, that is where i sleep." Sure enough, I was pointing to my Aunt's grave. My mum just about fainted.

She decided to test me a short time later with things around the house. For example, she used several knitted sweaters. I would point out the ones my Aunt had knitted, stating that "I" had done them. My mother tried to trick me and brought out a sweater my mother had actually knitted, asking if I had knitted this as well. I said, "NO, you did." She continued to try and trick me. I insisted that "NO, YOU knitted that one, because I remember."

My mother and siblings told me of this experience. I have vague memories of being scared of the hallway, too. I would always dash past it when it was time for bed. My Aunt had passed away in that hallway, before I was born.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Daughter- Several Times-Reincarnation

My Daughter- Several Times

A year ago I visited a medium for the first time. I have always had a very close relationship with my youngest daughter. She has been like my shadow, always clinging to me and wanting to know where I am. I in turn feel very protective of her, even more so than for my other children. When I visited the psychic she immediately asked me about my daughter. This is what the psychic said: that we have had at least two previous lives in which she has been my daughter.

During the first of those lifetimes, my current daughter was born to me but was drowned while a toddler in a river that ran through the property. My daughter is petrified of canals. I could never explain her behavior. I could not drive on a road that had a canal along side of it because she would have a panic attack.

During my second lifetime with her, her current father was also her father. The psychic described my husband to a "T" -- his personality, jealous and controlling. She said that during a jealous argument he shot me with a pistol under my chin, and my daughter witnessed the killing. I have a birthmark under the left side of my chin. I am petrified of guns. I panic if one is pointed at a person, even if it is not loaded

She said that since these two incidents happened to both of us during past lives, now during our third and present life time we are afraid to be separated from one another for fear of losing each other again.

During this present life time I married the same man (her biological father) who had been my husband in the past life when he killed me. We went through a bad divorce and I worried during our divorce proceedings that he was going to kill me.

At that time I still had not visited the psychic. When the psychic pointed out all this to me, I remembered an incident with my daughter in this lifetime. When she was four years old, I had a bad argument with her dad, and the three of us took a drive to calm me down so I could confront him. As we were driving to his business, my daughter asked, "Where are we going, Mommy?" And I said, "To Daddy's office."

At that, she went out of control in the car and started shouting and crying. "No, Mom...he is going to kill you again!" I turned and asked her, "What?" And she looked at me with terror in her eyes and said, "He is going to kill you again." I was taken aback by her remark and, in order to calm her down, did not go to his office. Now I realize she was reliving that fear from another life.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Proof of Reincarnation

Probably the most important proof of reincarnation is the life of Siddhartha Buddha. The two greatest spiritual teachers to ever walk this earth were Buddha and Christ. There are some who would say that Buddha did not teach reincarnation but instead spoke of rebirth. This is more a difference in semantics. Buddha spoke of having many lives. This is what reincarnation is. The primary difference betwen Buddha's teachings and traditional Hinduism's teachings concerns the teaching about Atman. The Hindus believe in the soul as being a discreet unit that incarnates over and over. Buddha taught that even the soul was an illusion to overcome and that nothing was separate from GOD. See: Buddha: Atheist or God? It is beyond the scope of this article to expound on the subtleties of the various teachings about Atman. Suffice it to say here that it is Buddha's teachings about Atman that makes it appear that he taught rebirth and not reincarnation. For the purpose of this article, the words rebirth and reincarnation are considered synonymous.

The Buddha taught that the self (or soul) was an illusion. But what many fail to realize is that until the illusion is seen for what it is, the cycle of birth and death continues. Just because the soul is an illusion doesn't mean there are not rebirths and deaths. Contrary, it is the failure to see the past the illusion of self that traps one in samsara (the cycle of births and death). Until one breaks free from samsara there continues to be the illusion of a soul. It may sound like I'm splitting hairs but it is important to understand the subtleties of Buddha's teachings. Even Buddha remembered his past lives back when he was still under the illusion of self.

So what does Buddha's life tell us about reincarnation, the soul and past lives? Buddha was able to recount stories of his past lives. He achieved retro-cognitive powers.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is there good evidence for reincarnation?

HAVE YOU LIVED BEFORE? The concept of reincarnation -- that our souls may experience many lifetimes over centuries, maybe even thousands of years -- has been present in virtually every culture since ancient times. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Aztecs all believed in the "transmigration of souls" from one body to another after death. It's a fundamental precept of Hinduism.

Although reincarnation is not a part of official Christian doctrine, many Christians believe in it or at least accept its possibility. (Jesus, it is believed, was reincarnated three days after his crucifixion.) That's not at all surprising; the idea that after death we can live again as another person -- maybe as the opposite sex or in a completely different station in life -- is intriguing and, for many people, highly appealing.

Is there any truth to it, however? Is reincarnation just an idea, a fantasy? Or is there real evidence to support it? Here's some of the best evidence available, gathered by researchers who, in some cases, have devoted their lives to the subject. Examine it, then decide for yourself.


Do you have a life-long illness or physical pain that you cannot account for? Their roots could be in some past life trauma, some researchers suspect.

In "Have We Really Lived Before?", Michael C. Pollack, Ph.D., CCHT describes his lower back pain, which grew steadily worse over the years and limited his activities. He believes he found out a possible reason during a series of past life therapy sessions: "I discovered that I had lived at least three prior lifetimes in which I had been killed by being knifed or speared in the low back. After processing and healing the past life experiences my back began to heal."
Research conducted by Nicola Dexter, a past life therapist, has discovered correlations between illnesses and past lives in some of her patients, including: a bulimia sufferer who swallowed salt water in a previous life; a fear of indoor heights caused by carving the ceiling of a church and being killed by falling to the floor; a persistent problem in the shoulder and the arm area having been caused by participating in a tug of war which injured the same arm; a fear of razors and shaving was found to have its root cause in another lifetime where the client had chopped off someone's fingers with a sword and then as retribution had his entire hand cut off.

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